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            Serving injured victims across Florida

            If you have been injured in an accident, you are not alone. You may be out of work, experiencing accident-related anxiety, or facing costly car or medical bills. About the Firm

            John Bales

            We Want to Help

            At John Bales Attorneys, we understand the impact an accident or injury of any kind can have on your life, today and into the future. Since 1999, our firm has helped more than 3,500 injured victims across Florida. Our attorneys focus solely on personal injury law, and employ their combined 100 years of experience to obtain favorable outcomes and resolution for our clients.

            Don’t let this single event overwhelm your life. We can help—whether you’ve been involved in an auto accident; injured as a result of medical malpractice or through the negligence of an animal or property owner; or experiencing additional hardship as a result of lost wages, denied benefits, or rejected insurance claims. Don’t settle for less by battling the insurance companies on your own.

            Count on our legal team to fight for you. Let us focus on getting you the money you need … so you can focus on getting better.

            Get your life back now—

            Highly Rated Personal Injury Attorney

            Not all personal injury law firms are the same. Find out why people in the Tampa, FL are choosing John Bales Attorneys. OUR AWARDS

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            Our Top 中国福利彩票手机下载安装Areas of Practice

            florida auto accident lawyer中国福利彩票手机下载安装After an auto accident, not only can you and your family suffer serious injuries, but your vehicle also may need expensive repairs. These factors can lead to lost wages, medical bills, and sleepless nights worrying about how you are going to pay for it all.

            At John Bales Attorneys, we want to take some of this burden so you can concentrate on getting better. Our auto accident lawyer中国福利彩票手机下载安装s have helped countless innocent victims of car accidents in Tampa and Orlando move forward with their lives, and we will do everything we can to help you, too. READ MORE

            florida personal injury attorneyGet compassionate legal representation you can count on. Our professional legal staff will take the time to understand the details of your personal injury claim and get to know you. We will work hard to build the strongest claim possible, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

            Find out how John Bales Attorneys can help you, contact中国福利彩票手机下载安装 today. We have years of experience helping injured victims in Tampa and Orlando, and we also serve clients in St. Petersburg and Sarasota. Read More

            florida consumer alertsWhen defective medical devices or pharmaceutical drugs cause harm to large groups of people, the Tampa injury lawyer中国福利彩票手机下载安装s at John Bales Attorneys pursue legal claims—or mass torts—to help victims get compensation for their suffering.

            Or perhaps, your doctor prescribed a drug and you expected it to help you get better. But some prescription drugs use contaminated ingredients or have inadequate warning labels about the side effects and health conditions they may cause. When drug manufacturers use contaminated ingredients or don not warn patients about the dangers of their drugs, they can be held liable for patients’ medical bills and lost wages.

            We want to alert people like you about these potentially harmful drugs and defective products through consumer alerts. We believe that consumer alerts give power back to the people instead of the corporations that make unsafe products. READ MORE

            florida medical malpracticeHealthcare providers are expected to provide a certain level of care to their patients. When careless behavior fails to meet a standard of care and causes you harm, John Bales Attorneys may be able to help get you the compensation you are owed for your injuries.

            If you are the victim of medical negligence, our medical malpractice lawyer中国福利彩票手机下载安装s are here for you. We will take the time to get to know you and understand the nature of your claim while fighting to protect your rights. READ MORE

            florida mass tort lawyer中国福利彩票手机下载安装s
            Have you been working more than 40 hours a week, but not getting paid for overtime? Or perhaps, you did not get get paid for all the hours you worked. This could happen because you have been asked to work off-the-clock or your time sheet has been altered. These sort of things happen all the time. Our Employment Attorneys have helped clients get the money they missed out on and more. Don’t wait and contact中国福利彩票手机下载安装 now to see if you have a case. READ MORE

            Life Doesn’t Wait

            Just because you had an accident, does not mean that you do not need to get back to work, pay your bills, and take care of your family. At John Bales Attorneys, we know that when you have an accident, life doesn’t wait. You need help now.

            We understand that injured victims like you need immediate action. That is why we are here. From intake to closing, you will receive the personal attention you deserve. Our team of compassionate attorneys, client managers, law clerks, and staff members work together to make sure you get help when you need it. Contact your Personal Injury Attorney, John Bales Attorneys, to get help now.

            John Bales Attorneys is proud to announce the release of our new personal injury attorney website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about the cases we handle and services.

            One of our main goals was to build a user-friendly and simple to navigate site. The new design allows you to quickly find the contents thanks to its low hierarchical structure.

            We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site, finding more options and information each time, and that it will be yet another tool for strengthening our business relations.

            Please share your feedback with us – we’d love to hear it.

            The John Bales Promise

            • We will provide you a free, confidential consultation – with no strings attached
            • Always clearly answer all of your questions, concerns and inquiries
            • Help guide you through the insurance negotiations process;
            • Handle all the paperwork for you
            • Help you to get appropriate medical care immediately
            • Give you compassionate, first-class service from start to finish
            • Advance all costs of your personal injury claim
            • Not charge you anything until we win your case
            • We Win or You Pay us Nothing.
            Did you know?

            • Settlements for Injury Victims are 40% higher with Attorney Representation than without.
            • 85% of all money paid out by Insurance Companies for Bodily Injury Claims goes to clients who hired an Attorney.
            • Hiring Attorney Representation often results in a 2 to 3 times higher settlement than when no Attorney is hired.


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            Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

            If you have been involved in a car crash that has resulted in a personal injury or any type of monetary loss, you should hire a personal injury lawyer中国福利彩票手机下载安装. While you could file your own personal injury claim against an insurance company yourself, they know how to reduce compensation and deny the claim. A personal […]

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